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I have been in the podcast agency space for four years.  In that time I have had the opportunity to work with, meet and collaborate with many entrepreneurs, athletes and musicians who have inspired me to new heights.  I have had a front row seat watching this industry evolve to where it is today.

Prior to getting into the podcast world I managed business development for companies in and around the sports industry.  These included Indiegogo, TVP.NYC,  Pro Football Hall of Famer Chris Doleman, Omaze and many others in the startup tech space.  I have seen it all and have made some invaluable relationships along the way.

In Podcasting, I have found a sense of community that I have never experienced before.  Business leaders, CEO’s of publicly traded companies, influencers, athletes, podcasters, entrepreneurs and the list goes on.  Amazing people doing amazing work with all of them placing a priority on podcasting.  These are people who show up and show out consistently and always bring their “A” game.

I have booked over 5000 guest appearances for clients and friends across a network of more that 500 podcasts.  These numbers grow by the day and I have attached my purpose to the impact these shows create for everyone involved.

There is magic that lives in podcasting and with that there is the opportunity for BIG impact.  For hosts, guests and audiences alike.

For those of you who have experienced being a host and/or guest on a podcast with complete alignment you know exactly what i’m talking about.  For those of you who have not, it’s a near must and I look forward to achieving this with you.


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